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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yes, iiNET Did Increase Your Quota

We've been pretty happy with our iiNET Home-1 plan which gave us 20GB of data each month but just now, I noticed that the data usage widget on Windows 8 showed that our quota was now 100GB! I thought it was a mistake but it turns out that iiNET has quietly increased their quotas, in my case by 500%. Internode, which is now part of iiNET, made the first move by increasing their quotas by at least 75%.

For iiNET, those that are on the Home-1 plan without bundling their phone line, your quota has increased to 50GB but because we also have our phone line with iiNET, our plan has gone up to 100GB. When you bundle your phone plan in with the internet, you save $10 / month on the internet. The other bundled plans now look like this
  • $49.95 Home-2 plan now has 200GB ($79.90 including phone line)
  • $69.95 Home-3 has 400GB ($99.90 including phone line)
  • $99.95 Home-4 plan has 1000GB ( $129.90 including phone line)
If you were wondering what we would recommend, I'd say go for the Home-1 plan unless people in your household are into heavy downloading. Bundling is recommended because there is not much difference between having your phone line provided by Telstra or iiNET.

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