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Friday, March 22, 2013

Buyer Beware TV Program Hits ABC

If you see something particularly dodgy about a product, A Current Affair and Today Tonight are no longer your only options to name and shame. Choice Australia has teamed up with the mischievous The Chasers team to produce a new TV show on ABC called The Checkout. Best known for their public nuisance program The Chasers War on Everything, the boys have put their creativity to good use, helping the average Australian understand the underbelly of the corporate world. It is a must watch for every gullible consumer looking to buy a car, a printer, an iphone or a health insurance contract.

In their first episode aired last night, their parody on the Apple ads highlighted a survey that found 11% of Apple users had a smashed screen and that it costs about $179 to repair, and that a broken screen is not included in your warranty. 

They also highlighted the continuing tendency towards "buy now pay forever" products such as printers, cars, hand sanitisers, Nespresso machines. What seems to be cheap today may cost you a fortune in ongoing costs such as compulsory services, replacement cartridges and Nespresso coffee pods.

Keep an eye out for this show every Thursday night at 8pm and if you missed any episodes, we are happy to point you to their website as we hate seeing people get ripped off.

The Checkout on ABC Thursday nights 8pm

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