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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can We Trust Kogan?

Over the past few years, we have heard about a company called Kogan which sold LCD TVs and gadgets that seemed to be a rip off of other brands. The reputation was more of mistrust and uncertainty and the name Kogan became a bit of a byword. However, in the past year, we've noticed a change of heart amongst consumers as Kogan started to sell reputable products such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Kogan did a deal with Telstra to resell their prepaid sims, which Telstra took great lengths to deny it amounted to a "partnership". Technology blog Gizmodo probably finally gave the unofficial green light when they endorsed the pricing of the new Kogan Agora phone (which hasn't been released yet but they like the specs). Personally, I know many friends who are now informally Kogan reps as they jump into any conversation about buying mobile phones with their new favourite website. I've only purchased a "mystery gadget" for $20 which turned out to be a disappointing replica of a PSP Portable so I can't say much more than observe a turning of the tide with this Australian entrepreneurial venture. What are your thoughts about Kogan? Here's an interview with Ruslan Kogan which is a very interesting insight about how they work.

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