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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tricks of a Used Car Salesman

We recently bought a second hand car from a car dealer in Perth and learnt an interesting lesson from the experience. As we all know, there are many tricks in different industries and there are certainly tricks in the used car business. So how should you go about buying a car?

First of all, as with all sales people, don't rely on the sales person to inform you about anything. Do your own research. They are there to sell. You can use your research as a guide to work out how honest the salesperson seems to be. Ask them questions that you already know the answer to.

The other lesson we learnt was when it comes to the price, check all sources of the car yard's advertising. We saw a car that we were interested in, in their car yard for $18,990. A few days later, we were looking at the car yard's website and found the car advertising on their website for $16,990. We thought that the price had dropped so we went again to the car yard a few days later, the price was still $18,990. I asked the salesperson whether $18,990 is the price and he said yeah. When I told him about the price on the website was $16,990 he said, 'yeah, we can do that'. Of course you can, it's your website!

When you think about it, that makes perfect sense. When you are walking around the car yard, the salespeople pretty much see that you are ready to buy. When you are researching online, you are comparing their price with everyone else's price. So be aware, there could be a big difference between an internet price and a car yard "stupid tax".

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