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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Australia Post Doesn't Attempt Delivery (but says they did)

We've been having this recurring problem in our area where the Australia Post courier doesn't even bother to check if anyone is at home. It was an issue that my parents always complained about but didn't do anything about it. On two occasions I have gone to the Post Office and complained but they told me to call up Australia Post as the couriers are not connected to the local post office.

The Australia Post number for complaints (and everything else) is 13 7678. They noted my complaint and even called the distribution centre to tell them of our complaint. Also worth noting is that any registered post which is a letter, not a parcel is by their policy always carded because these are delivered by the bikes and apparently the guy on the bike is not allowed to leave his bike. Delivery van drivers however should be attempting delivery. If not, don't pass Go until you call up Australia Post now.

Also, I thought you guys might be interested in this. I didn't know that Australia Post can compensate you for any losses caused by their service. This is from their website.


Australia Post is not liable for any loss or damage for letters carried by the letter service, but in some cases you may be entitled to compensation of up to $50 for loss or damage caused by Australia Post to uninsured articles within Australia or overseas (applies to selected articles). You may be able to purchase extra cover through our postal outlets to protect more valuable articles. Please inquire in our postal outlets as for a small fee you can add substantially more cover to your items.
In the event you need to lodge a compensation claim, please call the customer relations centre on 13POST. You are also entitled to refer the matter to the Postal Industry Ombudsman's office if you are not satisfied.

If you want to call the 13 POST number with your VOIP phone for free check out this post.


  1. We complained about our deliveries being like this. Then about a month ago our driver accidentally dropped 6 missed delivery cards on my driveway, already completed prior to delivery attempt.

    I complained and after them not really believing me I scanned in the cards and emailed the details. Suddenly Aust post were very apologetic and it "won't happen again", yeah right.

  2. I am in the process of complaining to the ombudsman about this. Two days after they closed my complaint with no action, another card arrived, and last week, another one! You can bet I'm not letting it rest anymore. Complain long and loud, I'm sick of it!