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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

7 Things Most iiNET Customers Won't Know About

As I was born in Perth, I have enjoyed watching  iiNet grow as it started from a suburban Perth backyard to now being the second biggest ADSL provider in Australia. I've watched the company bolt on various features which many people may have missed in their scramble to get online.

So from an iiNet veteran to you.. here are 7 things you may not know about being an iiNET customer
  1. Freezone TV - Especially if you are a soccer (or "football") fan, there are plenty of great viewing at iiNet's Freezone. For example, if you are into shares, Bloomberg Business TV is an excellent live 24 hour source of information especially late night coverage of the US Markets (eg WST12am - Surveillance Midday is a great show). Check it out here.
  2. Tomizone Free Internet wherever you go - iiNET customers get 100mb / month the last time I checked at any Tomizone Hotspot around Australia and New Zealand. See this blog here or find hotspots here.
  3. Free calls to 1300 / 13 numbers - As you may know, your VOIP or iiNET netphone gives you the ability to make free local and national calls except for 13/1300 numbers. Check this post out about how to use their alternative number so that you can call your bank, credit card provider, mobile phone operator etc for free.
  4. Fantastic Webmail - iiNet's webmail service is quite advanced. Check it out here.
  5. - Did you know takes you to So if your email is people can actually email you at instead
  6. Mobile website - iiNet recently released a great mini site for those times you need to check something quickly on your mobile, even if your phone doesn't classify much as a smartphone. Try out
  7. Free Stuff - You could stay a loyal customer and once signed up, only call up iiNet when something goes wrong... or you can renew your contract to get free stuff. If your contract is over, make sure you renew for another 24 months if you don't intend to go anywhere to get things like a free BoB Lite.
I've been with iiNet for over 13 years now and glad to continue staying with iiNet. Like many service providers, banks, restaurants etc many loyal customers often are missing out on features that they did not know about. What's your favourite new discovery?


  1. Sounds too technical for me. I would just like to have more download and not have to take upload into consideration as well. The 100mb month is intriguing - you said - iiNET customers get 100mb / month the last time I checked. I wish that were true.

  2. From the iiNet Hotspot website "iiNet customers get up to 100MB per month free data allocation from Tomizone. Once your 100MB is exceeded, you can top up through the Tomizone website (like normal people)."

    I think it's still free Anonymous.

  3. We've been with iiNet for over 10 years and never thought to renew our contract and get free stuff, thanks for that!