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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Qantas Club Memberships $370 off for 72 hrs

If you always wanted to be a Qantas club member but it was just a little out of reach, perhaps the 72 hour sale will help. The biggest saving from the normal price is the 1 year membership with $370 off the normal fee of $840, 45% off. However, if you can commit over 2 years, you can buy the two year membership for only $850 ($425 per year). Membership benefits include 

  • Q tag for checking in luggage with priority
  • Entry into the Qantas Club lounges around Australia / world which feature complimentary refreshments, business facilities including wireless internet throughout the lounges and shower facilities
  • Free entry for one guest (travelling if international airport, not travelling also allowed for domestic flights)
  • Up to 10kg more baggage when travelling
And with talk of a Qantas engineer's strike, lounge access is becoming more and more valuable.

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