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Monday, April 4, 2011

How Perth has Changed in 50 years - VIDEO

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  1. Very nice. still very small comparable to other cities around Australia, but that's what happens when we send all our mining profits over east.

    We need more people in Western Australia to make this city more vibrant, more businesses, more recreational activities for children and families. come on Perth people you have one of the highest valued currencies in the world, don't let this golden opportunity get away from us. We invite all Sydney, QLD, Melbourne people to come to perth where its sunny, roads are great, NO TOLL Ways, people are friendly, close to asia, Clean beaches, maintained parks, and its safe.

    We just need people to come here and make this place more vibrant like Melbourne, then this state will continue to prosper Com'on James Packer, do something creative with the Burswood Superdome, its accessible by all residence in perth as its on the Burswood Train line, turn it into a family center with a roller skating rink, mini put-put golf to encourage future generations to use the burswood golf course which will intern help the value of your burswood land and entertainment center.
    Others out there with some initiative do something for your fellow Australians. thats what will make Australia great for generations to come.