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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Perth is the best place for American Express Platinum

We are so used to being disadvantaged in the West with many things. When we watch TV, we always have to do our maths to figure what time a live program really is on. Sometimes we can't even participate in some shows because by the time we get to the phones, the show is over and the result has been announced. So when there is an advantage for Perth residents, we like to talk about it. 

The American Express Platinum card is not very cheap. It retails at $395 per year but the advantage is that it comes with a free flight or free hotel stay every year. This is where the advantage lies in being a Perth resident. For many cities around Australia, your "free" flight only takes you a few thousand km to your next destination. For Perth Amex users, you can fly to Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney for free by booking with the American Express Platinum call centre. Below is a table of places you can go with this card. 

The typical flight from Perth to Sydney costs around $1000+ return (on a red e-deal flight). You can even earn frequent flyer points for your flight! So if you see yourself flying to Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide once a year, or you are looking for an excuse to do so, the American Express Platinum card is ideal for Perth users.

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