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Monday, June 11, 2012

Yes, Western Power will pay you for Perth Blackout

Most will not know that when the power goes out, you may be entitled to cash back from Western Power! If your power has been out for more than 12 hours, you can apply for an Extended Outage Payment. You can get a one off payment of $80 (this has been increased to $160 for the storms in June 2012) if:

  • you had a power interruption lasting 12 continuous hours or longer
  • at least 12 hours have elapsed from the time Western Power was notified of the interruption until power was restored 
  • you have made the claim within 60 days of the interruption date 
  • the interruption was not caused by or attributable to you or equipment under your control 
  • the interruption is not a result of an emergency action taken by an authority such as the Police or Fire and Emergency Services 
  • you did not request that the interruption occur 
  • you have not previously been paid under the scheme for the same interruption at the same address
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