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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Which McDonalds affected by card skimming?

There have been many reports around Perth regarding the card skimming where people use wireless devices to skim cards as they pass through EFTPOS machines. Many of these incidences have been reported occurring at McDonalds restaurants. Whilst an email claiming to list various affected outlets goes around has been claimed to be a hoax, here is a list of places that skimming victims claim was where their account was compromised, based on comments in reply to a news article on PerthNow.

  • McDonalds Midland
  • McDonalds Belmont x2
  • McDonalds Maylands
  • McDonalds Livingston (Canning Vale) x5
  • McDonalds Maddington x3
  • McDonalds Mandurah
  • McDonalds Tuart Hill
  • McDonalds Morley
  • McDonalds South Perth x3
  • McDonalds Malaga or IGA
  • McDonalds Berwick St
  • McDonalds  Kelmscott
  • McDonalds Cannington
  • McDonalds  Jolimont
If you have been scammed, leave a comment below. Direct your friends to this list and we'll be able to get a better track on what's STILL happening. 


  1. Tried to withdraw money from a Bankwest ATM and the ATM refused to recognise my PIN. after two attempts, I cancelled the transaction and went into the branch.

    They checked and said it was ok, tried again and the money came out. One day later, no money is missing from my account.. maybe I can believe what the bankwest branch said, that the ATM just has some bugs in it and isnt skimming my card.

  2. McDonalds Applecross