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Friday, May 15, 2009

FREE Delivery for Coles online

Coles is currently offering free delivery to Perth for a limited time. The prices online are a little more than in the shop but if you value convenience then this is a very good thing to try out. The orders need to be over $50 in order to get free delivery. I have also heard that they also throw in a few things free when you place your order for the first time as a "welcome surprise" (sorry I spoilt it for you). 

There are some deals which you will receive in your email which are the same as the store deals but you just need to be quite price savvy if you are the type who doesn't like getting ripped off. Some people have complained that sometimes they get the order wrong and all that, but I am sure with an introductory service like this, you just need to let them know and they will compensate you for your "inconvenience" as online shopping in Perth is meant to be convenient.

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