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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

WA Police - How many people get caught..

Here are some statistics from the WA police for operations during the Easter long weekend.This provides a unique look into the police operations figures that we don't normally get. Congratulations to Karl O'Callaghan for keeping a transparent police force in WA. 

Booze Bus
Breath tested - 7916 drivers 
Caught Drink-driving - 76 drivers 
Caught driving without a license - 108 drivers 

WA Police patrols
Caught drink driving by patrol vehicle - 80 drivers  
Caught speeding - 342 infringements and 27 cautions
Caught not wearing a seatbelt - 11 drivers 
Caught using mobile phone - 31 drivers

Fatalities - 1 driver lost control at speed on a bend in Karawara on Thursday. 

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