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Friday, January 30, 2009

BEWARE - Using Facebook Verification by Mobile Number

I dont think many people realise this but recently facebook has implemented word verfication for its website posting etc. An alternative way to verify your facebook account is also offered - entering your mobile number.
This seems all innocent and ok. You add your number in, receive the SMS and then enter in the verification code. But did you know that when you enter your mobile number to verify your account, facebook broadcasts your new number to all the people in your network or friends - depending on your privacy settings. The thing is, you may be very careful with your privacy, not even entering your mobile number the first time you set up your account and because you didn't add in your number, you didn't think to change the privacy setting for your mobile phone. Find out in the next post what to do about it if you have already verified your account using mobile but you want to stop people from seeing your number.

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