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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Unlimited travel around Perth for just $8.10!

If you are not a student or otherwise concession card holder in Perth and you want to see the whole city, why not take a day to go all over Perth on the public transport system which includes Buses, Trains and Ferries! How much will this cost?

Well I've given that one away already. The beauty of this deal is that if you get a SmartRider (prepaid transport card for all buses, trains and ferries), you don't have to pay $8.10 straight away.The Smartriders are programmed to only charge you a maximum of $8.10 each day. Effectively there is a CAP on your expenditure on public transport in Perth so take a train up to Joondalup, go down to Armadale, go back to the City and then catch a longer train ride to Mandurah all in one day.

OR... for those more adventurous, how about catch one of those buses and see where it takes you, then try find your way back :) Just dont do it on the weekends because times between buses could be up to an hour and you may find yourself in a quiet suburb waiting for a bus utterly bored.

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